FasaPay supports 2 currency : IDR dan USD . All member can use both currency without any requirement.
kurensi USD IDR FasaPay

Active means you can do any transaction :deposit, transfer, receive and withdraw in certain currency.
IDR currency active by default and can not be disabled. For USD, you can activate or disable by clicking the leftmost icon.
When you disable USD currency, you can't transfer or receive USD transaction.

When you do any transaction in USD, you will receive in USD and use USD balance.
It wont change to other currency, ex: IDR. Because FasaPay doesnt have automatic conversion.
To deposit/redeem your USD balance, you need USD bank account. So does for IDR bank account.
So if you dont have certain currency bank account, you can exchange your balanceto other currency.

Exchange service isn't provided by FasaPay, but via our exchanger partner.
For Exchange Guide and Rate, you can ask directly to related exchanger.
For list of our official exchanger partner, you can click here.