Fraud Prevention

Provide an online security transaction for the member and efforts the best prevention of a fraud is our commitment. By using FasaPay online payment system, members can keep focus on their business, increasing their customer trust, and also make the business management easier.

Here's how FasaPay help prevent fraud :

Account Verification and Merchant Review

We have a policy to guarantee the security of member account and our system, which known as “Know Your Customer” (KYC). Every new member will pass the verification process to give some valid information and confirmation of their identification and their bank account. Website that using FasaPay will be filtered through verification review to ensure the merchant is appropriate with the FasaPay operation procedure standard. Our security layers system will increase the security of members account and FasaPay system, protect from fraud action.

128-bit SSL Encrypt and CSRF Protection

All data transaction screened by 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer SSL encryption. Those system used to secure the personal data and financial each member from outside or even from other FasaPay members, prevent from fraud, tapping, or information manipulation for personal benefit.

Inspection Team

We have a Inspection team which will help members to monitor the fund that flows through our online payment system. We also identify and measure the threat and the consequence, proactively, so member can focus to their business and feel comfort in transaction.

  1. Anti-Money Laundering

    We are committed to against the money laundering. Do the identity confirmation to the merchant and member, audit every client based on risk policy, and ensure the laws and regulations that controls money laundry acts was some of our way to prevent the money laundering. We will assume that imitating, giving, or using a fake document as a fraud act.

  2. Terrorism Funding Statement

    As a part of verification procedure, our data reference will act as an information source to checking the member obedience on the existing requirement. In another word if we find some deviated information from our members, we will directly deactivate the account then reporting the transaction and the information related, to the authorized institution.

Support Center

This service provided to help FasaPay members in every question related with FasaPay product, give response to solve transaction problems, protect the member from fraud by merchant, protect the merchant from phony charges, and also help member solve dispute.