FasaPay Mobile Application

Transactions Comfort in Your Hands

Download free FasaPay Mobile Application Android®.


FasaPay Mobile Application Features

FasaPay Mobile provides convenience to users to check balances and transfer faster and easier. This application is equipped with features that help to see the details of the transaction, which also features the mutations that provide transaction information that has been made ​​based on a certain period or by a fifth last transaction, and features that inform the exchange rate of the US Dollar Indonesian Rupiah.

  1. Easy to Transact  

    Send funds, deposit funds and withdraw can be done easily at your fingertips anytime and anywhere.

  2. Check the Balance Every Time  

    Checking account balance in FasaPay any time you need. Easily and clearly be seen on the screen of your phone.

  3. Transaction History  

    See the history of transactions ever done. Specify the date you want to view history and can easily be seen clearly.

How to Use FasaPay Mobile Application

Follow these step to use FasaPay Android :
  1. Login to member Area.
  2. Please make sure your status member is Active. To check your status member, see here. For Registered member, they cant use FasaPay Android.
  3. Choose menu Account Access (API) > Connect The Device.  
  4. Click New Generate Auth, to add a new device.  
  5. Device successfully created. Save the AUTH_KEY, it will needed later in FasaPay Android.  
  6. Open Google Play Application and search FasaPay, or via browser, click this link.
  7. Install FasaPay Android. Wait the process until it finish.
  8. Open FasaPay Application. Click Input Auth Key or you can click Scan QR Code. If you click on Input Auth Key, write auth key from website.  
  9. Input the AUTH_KEY you got on the FasaPay website and click Next.  
  10. Write your PIN to protect your transaction.  
  11. Congratulation, now you can use FasaPay mobile Application.  

Notes :

  • One AUTH_KEY for one Android device.
  • Password device may different with password account.
  • If you lose your Android, to secure your account, you delete the AUTH_KEY in your member area then other person can not use your FasaPay Android.