SCI (Automatic Processing)

Shopping Cart Interface (SCI) FasaPay is a service we provide as your payment online solution.
With this feature, SCI, you dont have to wait your order processing. Once the payment via SCI is success, your order in merchant site will change automatically. You dont have to confirm to merchant or move to other site and transfer fund with spesific reference number.

To use our SCI is easy, just follow these 3 steps :

  1. Visit merchant kami site who already integrate SCI and make an order. Checkout and Choose payment via FasaPay.
  2. You will be redirected to our SCI page. Login your FasaPay account in SCI page. Confirm your transaction.
  3. When the payment is success, you will be redirected back to merchant site. And your order is already done automatically.

Safe and Fast

FasaPay data sending is encrypted with SSL technology and AES-256 High-grade Encryptes, to minimize hacker attack or falsification data.
In data backup, FasaPay uses RAID HARDWARE technology server to ensure the safety of client data.
That dedicated server is to increase data speed processing and protect FasaPay data.

We also provide other safety feature which you can choose and set by yourself. There is a safety feature when login/transaction, for more info click here.