Merchant Protection

It is one of our’s comprehensive ways to fraud prevent. This effective security system can save personal information FasaPay member, safely. We have some procedure in protecting our merchant and help them solve problem that relate to the transaction.

Support Center

We will mediate between merchant and customer if dispute happen. The issues can be disputed, if :

  1. Customer does not receive the product or service that they bought from your store.
  2. Customer received the different product or service from the description agreed.
  3. The delivery of product or service was late from the date agreed.

The dispute proposal allows your customer to communicate with you to gain resolution that agreed. Support Center will help you solve the dispute until it finish, as a mediator. It will also reduce the losses on both sides.

Dispute Claim

If customer recharges against to merchant, merchant have to provide evidence, in form :

  1. The delivery receipt of product or service.
  2. The copy of product or service descriptions agreed.
  3. The proof of merchant policy and regulations that discuss about refund and/or product substitution as agreed.

Tips for a Safe Transaction for Merchant

Here some tips to protect merchant and prevent payment manipulation on their account.

  1. Send your product to the customer appropriate with the time agreed.
  2. Inform the date, method, and tracking number of the product delivery to customer.
  3. Provide the information of terms of service and the transaction policy on your website.
  4. Provide the information of customer support contact on your website (live chat, SMS, or telephone).
  5. Make the initial agreement to anticipate dispute.

For more information about FasaPay member policy, as a seller/merchant, please see the page of Policy and Privacy of FasaPay.