Buyer Protection

Shopping Online Safely

Our customer protection system covers of security layers that can keep the information safely. We protect your personal and financial informations from the merchant so you can shop comfortably. Here how we protect FasaPay members in this case as a buyer :

Support Center

If you bought something by online and feel unsatisfied with your purchase, you can file dispute through our Support Center. Here are the dispute that can be filed :

  1. You did not receive the product or service that you ordered.
  2. You receive the different product from your order and have been paid.
  3. The delivery of product or service is delayed.

The dispute proposal allows you to communicate with the merchant to gain resolution that agreed. Support Center will help you solve the dispute until it finish, as a mediator.

Protection from invalid Transaction

If someone do invalid transaction through your account, please report it to us immediately by phone or live chat so we can hold your fund and block your account.

Be sure to keep safe anything related to your FasaPay Account , and keep secret information about pin, password, or any associated with your account.

For more information about FasaPay member policy, as a buyer, please see the page of Policy and Privacy of FasaPay

Tips for a Safe Transaction for Buyers

  1. Notice if the delivery is delayed over the date agreed.
    Confirm it immediately to the merchant or to the delivery service for a location and the delivery validity date.
  2. Built a good communication with the merchant.
    Before you shop at the online shop, it would be better if you negotiating and/or discussing first with the merchant by email, so you know the person or the business that deal with you.
  3. Purchase from the verified merchant.
    Identity and information of the merchant are the main keys to built trust in online business. Merchant with a less good intention will use invalid address and fake identity.
  4. Be careful with cheap price.
  5. Notice your merchant location.
    If you transaction with merchant from out of region or overseas, it would be better if you check the exact address of the merchant. Do not hesitate to check it in detail

For more information about FasaPay member policy, as a buyer, please see the page of Policy and Privacy of FasaPay