Merchant Benefits


No credit card needed. Simply have one bank account that match with our currency which is USD.

Free Shopping Cart Integration(SCI)

Free SCI Installation. The Installation is quite easy and blend to your website.

Benefit for recruitment

Get commission right after your referral transaction is done.

Bank Availability

Receive all SWIFT Banks in the world, for easier topup and redeem of funds.

3 Easy Steps

Frequently Ask Questions

You will need to complete the KYC by uploading the Internasional Passport and a selfie while holding the Passport. You will also need to upload your company's Certificate of Incorporation.

FasaPay account with Corporate status should use the Company name and not the PIC name, therefore you have to fill the form after the KYC has been completed.

No registration fee or regular administration (weekly, monthly, annual) fee in FasaPay. The Fasapay fee is only charged on Transfer transactions (0.5% of the transaction value).

You can integrate FasaPay SCI or API to your website.